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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Green Garage Progress Ravenswood - Chicago IL


Chi-Lot House

We are continuing to work on the designs for our ongoing Chicago Lot Project. This design is based on a typical Chicago Lot Size. Our design approach is to create a floor plan that is different from the typical chicago developer infill house. The design idea is to create 4 distinct spaces on the first floor while maintaining continuity through materials, and light. A large slice in the east side of the house lets light filter down the stairwell. The slice expands as it goes from floor to floor.



Designs for the Bungalow Basement in Ravenswood are under way. We are continuing to revise the plan to allow for a laundry room, kitchen, workout area, game room, reading room, and lots of storage. The designs we are developing allow for an open flow while maintaining an order of defined spaces. A row of bookshelves and storage create an edge condition between the south and north spaces. We are also testing some new rendering programs to potentially use for future projects. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Carmen Basement

Carmen is almost finished as Tony will be putting in the finishing touches in the next couple of weeks. The Bench is mostly in but will be painted soon. The stair also will be painted and the stair screen will be added. The plumbing fixtures will also be installed this week.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Carmen Basement Remodel

Before Pic Carmen Basement

View towards bathroom after

The Carmen basement project is well underway and it's all coming together. We opened the space up and brightened it all with horizontal wood tongue and groove boards. The stair will be a stage and a storage area for their daughter's toys and books.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Garage Pics

The Framers at the green garage project were braving temps in the teens today. The garage is taking shape but is still skeletal. By tomorrow, we will have some of the sheathing up as well. Our contractor, Derek of Green Cross has been diligently reviewing the plans and asking questions to keep this thing on track.

The old garage is gone and the team awaits the digging to start.
It's a happy day for the family who has been thinking about the new garage for years.

The foundation and slab is poured. Delivery of the framing materials coming soon although Chicago winter has hit hard (not in this pic). 

Green Garage - Ravenswood Chicago, IL

The Ravenswood Green Garage is currently under construction and we will be posting new construction photos soon. Right now, the foundation is in and the slab is poured. We're waiting on the delivery of the wood to start framing. We are using FSC certified wood where possible as well as recycled wood and acrylic. Care has been taken in the research of the all of the products being used in the garage.

MPink Design first Post

Welcome to the MPink Design Blog. Hopefully, this should be an easy way to keep everyone updated on our progress without waiting for perfect shots of our projects to post on our website. We hope you continue to check in to see how we're doing and we will continue to update the blog.
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