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Friday, December 3, 2010

SPS Marble Bath

It's amazing what a makeover can do. Some simple changes to this master bathroom resulted in major impact. New radiant heated floors are underneath the new marble tile. We removed the wall between the vanity and the toilet and designed a new custom vanity. The sconces are by Vibia. We reused the sliding glass doors and the bathtub and kept the layout the same. In addition, the shower was bumped out just a bit to give a proper ending to the tub corner.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Piggy-Back Plans

We are just about completed with the Piggy-Back house second floor rehab. Here is a plan showing the before and after layout. As you can see, we reduced the size of the secondary bathroom to fit a 4th bedroom into the plan. We also made better use of a hallway connecting the master bathroom to the master bedroom by building custom desks and file and book storage. In the master bedroom, we raised the ceiling to match the small cathedral portion they already had so that the entire master bedroom has a peaked ceiling. In addition, we better utilized the shape of the room and created 2 large master closets behind the bed wall. 

The big trick in all of this was figuring out how to tackle the house plan changes while keeping the original West exterior wall intact.  This wall, which now separates the two bathrooms, is crucial to the structure as it carries much of the roof weight down to the foundation. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Piggy Back House

We're almost there. Master Bedroom is finished with furniture still to arrive.
The secondary bathroom is almost there as well. Better photos coming soon. 
The new raised ceiling in the master bedroom makes a huge difference in the perception of the space. At the entrance to the master bedroom we've created a small office area with built-in file storage, bookshelves, and a desk. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mudroom Addition

The Mudroom Addition project is well underway. The framing is mostly up and you can now see how the porch will be transformed into an enclosed and glassy addition.
We kept the addition up on piers instead of using a full foundation to keep costs down and leave the space underneath the addition for outside storage. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lake Shore Remodel in Progress

The furniture is mostly in for our remodel on Lake Shore Drive near Division. We are still waiting on some lamps and other items, but it's all filling in nicely. Black chairs are the owner's original chairs that have been recovered. The leather chairs and sofas are all new as is the coffee table and rug underneath. The bookcase is a custom piece we designed and had fabricated by Joliet Cabinet. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Piggy-Back House Progress

The latest shot of the expanded master bedroom area. The new windows are in on the north wall. The master closet is tucked in behind the bed wall. To the left are the nooks. The larger openings below will be filled with custom built-in dressers. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Evanston Lair

We were asked by our client to do something with his small home office. More storage, a cooler space and maybe a place he would like to hang out. We came up with the "Lair" concept. Not the typical "Man-Cave" but instead, a place to easily move from working to relaxing.

Lakeview Bedroom Remodel

We are finally posting pictures of the bedroom remodel we completed about a year ago. The project consisted of shifting walls and adding and moving doors in order to turn a three bedroom condo into a four bedroom condo with the arrival of our son, Oliver.  In order to save space we lost the walk-in closet and instead built a custom wall of closets. The bump out you see is the closet for the new bedroom beyond. 


Lakeview Coffee Shop

A prominent and fast growing coffee company based in Chicago was looking into expanding their store. MPink was asked to solve the issue of creating a temporary space with the feel of an art installation. The resultant design included prefabricated wood boxes that could be used as seating, lighting, and display. These boxes could be repositioned at any time. Striking images related to the coffee's origin would be printed on translucent panels. These panels would act as artwork while at the same time providing information about the process that occurs before you put that first sip of coffee to your lips each morning, a focus that is important to this local store. 


This Lakeshore Drive apartment need a quick interior remodel and update for a new owner. We designed a bookshelf piece to anchor the corner of the room. Furniture selection included a new dining table and chairs, sofas, nightstands, lamps, and club chairs. A new coat of paint makes a world of difference and expands the space. Other updates included new kitchen cabinet handles, a new toilet, electrical updates, and some major patching and refinishing of the parquet floors to match the existing floors.

Lake Bluff Makeover

We wanted to share this project we finished in Lake Bluff a while ago but it has yet to make it onto our blog. The addition of the new front pergola was a great way to celebrate the entrance to the house. New windows in the dining room open up the home to a beautifully landscaped front yard.  Flagstone was used for an enlarged front walkway and a new deck made from ipe wood replaced the original crumbling concrete pad.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Piggy-Back House Remodel

We're well underway what we're now calling the "Piggy Back" House.  This late 19th century balloon frame house has been changed, gutted and renovated over time. The original footprint remains with a newer addition "piggybacked" over the top of the roof and walls. We even uncovered the original siding and windows inside an interior wall. It truly is a layered home which makes this renovation very special. The new owners have asked us to reconfigure the second floor and add a bedroom. The master suite will now be more efficient and elegant.  We've also completely re-structured the ceiling in the master suite area to both stabilize it and provide a dramatic space. 

Ravenswood Green Garage Update

The Green Garage is complete. These photos are taken just before the final staining of the deck and wood has occurred. We'll update with new pics as soon as we take some of the final stain and wood sealing. We encountered some issues with using "green" wood sealants but the new product seams to be working better. We are still fine tuning some drainage issues with our floating planters but should have that worked out soon. 
Great shot of our clients in front of the garage. Green Cross installed a burnt wood fence. The shadows from a tree across the way really provided an unexpected but beautiful effect on the west side.  

The work on the garden itself continues. We can't wait to see it all in full bloom, but it's already looking great!

The green roof has filled in very nicely. You can see how the floating planters on the left and right will tie in to the green roof.
The benefits of a green roof inculde: energy conservation, reduction of storm water runoff, absorbing carbon dioxide, filtering air, and protecting the roofing membrane from environmental effects such as ultraviolet radiation. In our case, we've done all of this as well as providing the owners with an extra bit of real estate to use as a backyard in the air. 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mudroom Addition

We are currently developing the plans for a small mudroom addition to an existing house in Lakeview Chicago. The concept for the addition is based on the functional needs of the client including the need for more light, while also dealing with a large open space next to the home. 
The side of the addition acts as a barrier towards the noise from below with choice of material and form. The top end of glass and wood lets in light are redirects the orientation of the entrance. The mudroom has to recognize the large open space adjacent to the house but also create a sense of enclosed space and privacy directly behind the existing house.  The result is a blurred edge condition and a mudroom space that creates a dialog between the adjacent space, the rear yard, and finally, the kitchen. 

Green Garage Progress

The Richmond Green Garage is wrapping up and looking great. We've made as many eco-conscious decisions along the way including reusing doors, deciding on stain and finish materials, and how to re-use as much material as possible. Derek Ottens of Green Cross has been crucial to the process and has been great to work with as our general contractor. He sent us a couple photos this week showing the progress from last week. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lake Bluff Dining Room

We designed this built-in cabinetry to compliment a piece we had already designed in the living room. All hardware is concealed by using touch latch and notch pulls giving it a cleaner look to match the open and modern feel to the house. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We are almost there on the green garage. The 3-Form reclaimed panels are installed. Most of the railing pickets and planter railing frames are installed. We expect the siding to be delivered next week along with the garage door. The filtercrete concrete permeable paving is being poured this week as well. 
And old door is being used for the entry to the storage area. 
The cedar bench is almost complete. The large hole at the end will be the raised planter. Below it to the left will be the stepped lower planting beds.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


The 3-Form reclaimed resin panels are going up on the Green Garage on Richmond. Due to the limited availability of reclaimed materials, we chose to use different shades and textures that would work well together. The west side, above the future garage door is the wave texture and it looks great. The FSC certified cedar trim boards are also almost complete. The corrugated aluminum siding is to arrive soon. 

Friday, January 29, 2010


We are currently developing the details, picking out the finishes, and really getting ready for the final bids and permit submittal for The Bambi Lane Addition and Kitchen Remodel in Haverford, Pennsylvania. We are really excited to get to this stage and are ready to see this project come to reality after a long time in development.  The project involves an enlarged and redesigned kitchen, a mudroom addition, bathroom remodel, and a new screened porch and patio.


Thursday, January 28, 2010


The Green Garage is looking great and moving along even in this frigid weather. The windows went in yesterday. We're reviewing all of the trim details to prepare for the corrugated metal siding. The East wall, above the stair, will now be clad with reclaimed wood decking material.