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Friday, February 21, 2014

Jackson Basement River Forest

This project was completed last year and made it to the facebook page, but never to the blog. A basement in need of renovation and full of program. This basement is only about 1,000 square feet, but includes a large living room, an office, a full mini-kitchen with a refrigerator and sink, a sewing station, a storage/work room, a full bathroom with walk-in shower, a large laundry room, a guest room and tons of new storage. The ceiling height was raised by relocated pipes above to the sides of the room. A costly endeavor, but well worth it. The hand carved limestone fireplace and use of dark wood accents on light colored walls and doors echoes the elements of the Tudor style home. 
View of the space before the renovation. Low ceiling due to unorganized pipes and conduit. The space lacked storage, lighting and organization.  
After shot from the same location. A narrow bar in the foreground provides a back to the sofa and defines the spaces without fully closing them off. 

Opening the office nook up on two sides allows the room to feel open while maintaining the option of privacy. On the left you can see how the placement of a new large egress window in the laundry area provides natural light in the living space. 

A window formerly covered up was uncovered and replaced with a frosted awning type window. 

Lots of varied storage helps to organize any space. Couches are by Mitchell Gold. 



  1. Once again you it looks like you have created the perfect space for some very lucky home owner.

  2. Thank you Gabriel! Just seeing your nice comment.