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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

More Than a Face lift, Lincoln Park

We've been touching many rooms in this Lincoln Park home over the last couple of years and are still going as we fine tune furniture selections, artwork, and interior details. But, here are some photos of the progress.
The old kitchen was ready for an update. New cabinets with additional detail echo some of the style already in the home while other selections add a new dimension. Re configuring the kitchen to keep it a real focal point creates a sense of drama in the space and intention to the design. An enlarged opening between the kitchen and the dining room and living room make the overall layout more fluid. 
BEFORE pic of the kitchen. We typically like to get rid of those dust shelves above the kitchen cabinetry. To the left, a small opening to the Dining room was practically unusable.
Picture of the space before the pendants came in. 
The Pendants installed.

View toward the new family room built-ins before the pendants came. A low wall was built to back up the sofa.
An enlarged opening to the Dining and Living Rooms allows you to see the window at the other end of the home. Increasing depth, light and flow.

Range and tile detail. 
Detail at the butcher block walnut top of the media cabinet. A great stage for kids.
Other portions of this project have included a redesign of the playroom, painting throughout, new carpeting, pillows, rugs and furniture. We are looking forward to sharing finished pictures of the rest of the home soon!

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